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Address 95 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7AB, U.K.
TEL 44-20-7826-8600
FAX 44-20-7826-8611
Founded April 1, 1998
Managing Director & CEO Naoya Iwashita
Branches and Offices Dusseldorf Branch, Hamburg Branch, Paris Branch, Milan Branch, Madrid Office, Risley Office

Major products and businesses

Exports Feed and grain, marine products, fruit juice, pulp, plants and industrial machinery, emission credit, textile products, aircraft, electrodes
Imports Marine products, assorted types of paper, pulp, electrodes, plants and industrial machinery, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, functional resins, functional chemicals, electronic materials, olefin etc., textile materials, tires, conveyor belts, vessels
Trilateral Industrial materials, sugar, animal products, beverages, coffee, assorted types of paper
(within Europe)
Electricity business (power generation, wholesale and retail), infrastructure area, lease and financial business, insurance, general chemicals (including agricultural materials)

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