About Marubeni

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The world today is facing a major turning point. Looking at the global economy, we see the end of monetary easing in the U.S., renewed economic importance of advanced countries following slowing growth in emerging economies, stagnation in resource prices, as well as an increase in political and geopolitical risks. On the other hand, there are a variety of opportunities to be found in specific markets and fields. Steady economic recovery is expected in the U.S., emerging economies and developing countries are opening and expanding their markets, and information technology is evolving.

At the same time we are facing a turning point in our management strategy. Accordingly, we have established the new mid-term management plan “Global Challenge 2018” (2016-2018) that specifies what the Marubeni Group aims to be five years from now in 2020.

The Marubeni Group is committed to contributing to social and economic development as well as to the betterment of people’s daily lives by helping resolve social issues through business activities as a responsible member of the global community. We believe that it is our mission to provide higher value in this way. We will continue to relish great challenges and work to outperform the top players in business fields and markets across the world, aiming to become a true global company that contributes to both regional economies and society.


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